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“A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens

â€Å"A Tale of Two Cities† by Charles Dickens entails eternal themes of transformation and resurrection because nothing is permanent in the world and along with rapid run of life people are constantly changing to respond to emerging goods and evils.This eternal themes are of great value because in such a way the author shows that all people should be provided with a chance to change their lives for better, to strive for better living for themselves and their beloved people.Actually, resurrection of heroes promotes the idea of hope which never dies. Transformation and resurrection are two powerful themes which are seen throughout plot progression. Furthermore, resurrection and transformation are illustrated on both societal and personal levels. It is seen that many characters appear to be involved in themes of redemption, love, and good vs. evil. All these themes are brought together to portray the themes of transformation and resurrection.These themes can be applied to Dr. Ma nette who was taken away from his pregnant wife and unborn child. Dr. Manette was imprisoned for eighteen years and during them he experienced the worst conditions and he even forgot his real name. Dr. Manette is resurrected and his life is transformed for several times throughout the novel.In â€Å"Book the First† French government released him and bring to Monsieur Defarge to be cared. Thus, French government gave him hope for restoring his life, his past and future because Dr. Manette is suddenly â€Å"recalled to life†. (19) Nevertheless, his transformation wasn’t complete till he was reunited with his lost daughter Lucy. It was Lucy’s love that enabled Manette to resurrect spiritually and his daughter reinforced his notion of the rebirth.Then, in â€Å"The Golden Thread† the themes of resurrection and transformation are involved several times. For example, Charles Darnay was put on the trial because of treachery in England. He was considered a spy as he traveled forth and back between England and France. People were sure he had to be found guilty and, therefore, he had to be sentenced to death.However, Sydney Carton saved his live and Dr. Manette was â€Å"recalled to life† (35) for the second time. Nevertheless, then Dickens presents different perspectives on resurrection and transformation themes. For example, he illustrates resurrection with a parody. Jerry Cruncher was a body-snatcher and he considered his night activities as the honest trade. His son was also proud of father’s activities and he desired to follow him: â€Å"Oh, Father, I should so like to be a resurrection-man when I'm quite growed up!† (166)It is necessary to outline that Sydney Carton is one more character who involved the most in the themes of transformation and resurrection. Firstly he was presented as a man with lo self-esteem, though he was provided with tremendous amount of devotion, courage and self-sacrifice. It was Cart on who helped to resurrect Charles Darnay, though it was no the only time he saved human’s life.When he organized the switch, the author emphasized the inner purposes of his actions. Dickens argues that Carton has never achieved the desired outcomes in his life and now the chance is ensured. Carton realized he had to endanger his life as it was a way to redemption.Sydney understood his switch was successfully arranged and he had done a good job. When facing death Carton didn’t back away; instead he embraced it to resurrect later. Till death he was prophetic and peaceful and he even made friends with woman being unjustly sentenced to death. In the final moment before death, Carton was portrayed as a Messiah who was giving his life allowing others to enjoy theirs.Before he was beheaded, he uttered Jesus’ words: â€Å"I am the Resurrection and the life, saith the Lord: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die†. (366) In such a way the author tends to show that Carton lived till the end of the book when final resurrection took place.Summing up every theme in the book is provided with specific purpose. Eternal themes of redemption, love are included in the transformation and resurrection theme to unite the plot and to add to author’s style of writing.Works CitedDickens, Charles. A Tale of Two Cities. New York: Oxford University Press, 1976. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens The book is called A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens published by Penguin books in New York first published in 1839. The book’s 449 pages talks mostly about the years leading up to the French Revolution and climaxes in the Reign of Terror perpetrated by the Jacobins.The story is about Charles Darnay, a French Aristocrat, and Sydney Carton, an English barrister. Both fall in love with the same woman, Lucie Manette. Eventually, Sydney is executed. The chapters are almost evenly divided between events in France and Events in England.II. AnalysisThe novel as per Dickens’ conception dealt heavily with themes of ressurection, guilt, hope, shame, redemption, social injustice and patriotism.The novel was a rare example of a Dickens’ novel having a historic theme because it talked about real world events that happened France and England during the years of revolution. His book teaches us about the futility of mob violence and the violence that occurs in relation to the French revolution most especially the excesses of the Jacobins. Finally, the book teaches us about the extreme social inequality that eventually led to the revolution.III. Appraisal.I liked the book because it applied Dickens’ impressive writing skills to the field of history. The normally bland topic is given amusing form and becomes something the youth can enjoy reading about. I would recommend it to other young people as an introduction to history and the social inequalities of Europe that led to the revolutions that swept the continent.   

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The Gilded Age The Gilded Age - 915 Words

The Gilded Age, was a brief period in American history, from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, where there was a rapid economic growth as the industry expanded, generating groundbreaking opportunities for individuals. At its triumph peak, society was perceived from the outside that the new era of Americans was prosperous, however, conspicuous consumption and luxury masked corruption and the fact that a majority of people were suffering. Like gilded gold, the outside looks exemplary, but much like the Gilded Age, the inside contrasted dramatically. Besides the wide amount of success in this era, society was unbalanced with hierarchy, with a competition of the common people and successful business, as laborers fought for recognition and†¦show more content†¦There would be meat that had tumbled out on the floor, in the dirt and sawdust† (Sinclaire 21-2). As the twentieth century began, the younger generation was more educated and had increased access to n ews and media, and the middle class had the power to make change. Like many muckrakers like Sinclaire, they processed their research into the news and media to spark reform and call out the disastrous truth under the seemingly great era. Sinclair explains how the meat packaging process was like at the Chicago Packing House, illustrating the unsanitary conditions as well as the â€Å"tricks† workers were told to do in order to sell old meat. Consumers were being sold disease ridden product without knowing, while the business benefited. Without Sinclaire and other authors, no one would know about the corruption of the Gilded Age, but they would only see the prosperity of the business, even when it wasn’t truthful or humane. This business was one of many that was corrupted during the Gilded Era, and through Sinclairs muckraking, he exposed the company, which evidently, contributed to the Pure Food and Drug Act, setting standards for all companies, minimizing misconduct. A nother example of muckraking during the Gilded Age was also in Sinclairs, â€Å"The Jungle†, which also exposed treatment of the laborers by big businesses. Sinclaire not only illustrated the unhygienic acts of the meat packing industry but also statedShow MoreRelatedThe Gilded Age : An Analysis Of The Gilded Age793 Words   |  4 Pages The term Gilded age comes from Twain and Dudleys book named the Gilded Age. The world Gilded itself means something that is covered in gold but actually has nothing of value underneath. The gilded age was an attempt to fix a broken system after reconstruction had finished, but in reality it was just putting a blanket over the real problem. The gilded age was a good time for the higher ups, those who owned business or were in the government, they were able to benefit at the cost of American workersRead MoreThe Gilded Age1785 Words   |  8 PagesThe Unscrupulousness of the Avaricious The Gilded Age was a time in American history, from the 1870s to the 1890s, which ostensibly characterized the country based on its economic and technological advancements. However this era’s development served as a mere facade for the corruption and classism which occurred during the time. From economic manipulation to immorality in politics, the Gilded Age is best characterized by the unscrupulous nature of individuals who sought to attain superficial successRead MoreEntertainment in the Gilded Age1450 Words   |  6 Pagesentrepreneurs and business people of the time, because there was money to be made in this desire for amusement. Of course, this was not the whole story of the new Gilded Age, but it was definitely an era of growing leisure time and the business that came along with it. One of the most popular forms of entertainment during the Gilded Age was theater, particularly Vaudeville, which was a type of variety theater prominent in late 19th century America. Of course, similar types of variety shows had existedRead MoreThe Gilded Age Of America1621 Words   |  7 Pageshelp build and maintain a better America. The Gilded Age, during the late 1800’s, was a time in America where we experienced explosive economic growth, serious social problems, new innovative technology, and the rise of corporations and corruption in politics. We have learned from some of these things that we went through in the Gilded Age and fixed them, but we are still facing some of the problems we faced back then, today. During the Gilded Age, America experienced many economic and technologicalRead MoreThe Gilded Age And The Age Of Information1422 Words   |  6 PagesThe term the â€Å"Gilded Age† was coined by Mark Twain. â€Å"By this, he meant that the period was glittering on the surface but corrupt underneath.† With its period of extreme economic growth, there was tremendous wealth, but only for the wealthy. The â€Å"Second Gilded Age,† which some say was brought on as the Information Age, brings a level of inequality to America that has never been seen before. Experts believe that this shift could kill the American dream. The Gilded Age and the Age of Information areRead MoreThe Progressive And Gilded Age914 Words   |  4 PagesThe Progressive and Gilded Age in America The Progressives were a group of reformers such as writers, politicians, and Social welfare advocate, etc. living mainly in cities during the early 20th century and working to change legislative issues, financial aspects, and good society. They accepted that change could originate from inside of man, and along these lines, dismisses the believe of Social Darwinism and regular determination. They were in charge of the section of many laws, including restrictionRead MoreGilded Age Essay872 Words   |  4 Pagestroubles, we shouldnt test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.† When Mark Twain and Charles Dudley coined the phrase ‘gilded age’ to describe what they saw in the late 19th century I’m sure they would agree wholeheartedly with Mr. O’Rourke. What does it mean ‘gilded age’? Gilded means to coat with a thin layer of gold, which I’m sure almost always is covering an inferior product. When one thinks of America one of the first thoughts that pop intoRead MoreAnalysis Of The Gilded Age1348 Words   |  6 PagesNew Spirits is a major text in Gilded Age historiography because Edwards encompasses social, political, and economic history, weaving them together into a cohesive narrative. Critics mention her lack of footnotes (but are quick to point out that her extensive â€Å"for further reading† sections help to balance this) and that her emphasis on cohesion may be overstated. Edward’s thesis is that the Gilded Age was not a patently bad time in American history, but that America underwent tremendous change, usheringRead MoreThe Era Of The Gilded Age1153 Words   |  5 Pagesthis time in history seemed progressive on many fronts, it was known as the â€Å"Gilded Age†. The Gilded Age was a three decade time in America that involved an expanding economy and a useless government. The thought of going to an American city, getting a job, an d getting paid was ideal to most outsiders. The problem was, once they arrived and found a job, it was not as wonderful as it seemed . It was called the Gilded Age because, from the outside, everything looked wonderful, but on the inside itRead MoreGilded Age Dbq Essay1643 Words   |  7 PagesThe Gilded Age was the time of rapid economic growth for the United States. The period where little corporations turned into a millionaire company. The time of one of the most dynamic, contentious, and volatile periods in American history happened. National wealth increased dramatically but their was a problem for the poor and the farmers of the U.S. People may say that the Gilded Age was the era of corruption, harsh labor and brutal industrial competition, but others think that the Gilded Age is

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Sustainability Education and Recent Debates on Climate Change

In the beginning of 1860s John Tyndall was discovered Carbon dioxides heat-trapping properties (Chivers, D. 2011). From that time scientists from educational, political and philosophical ideologies fields have been appeared with different points of view Hicks, D. (2007). Some of those scientists are requesting urgent support to climate change situation Chivers, D. (2011). While on the other hand another advocates minimize the importance of climate change situation Chivers, D. (2011). These conflicts have made an increasing number of debates between scientists. This caused born of new studies, articles, researches and approach called sustainability education. (Thomas et al. (2007) sighted in Hicks, D. (2007). The relationship between†¦show more content†¦2005; Kumar et al. 2005). ‘with this example it is very clear how sustainability education increase the conduct of the recent debates. Another examples given by Hegarty, K (2011) that sustainability education courses takes a ‘triple bottom line (TBL)’, or ‘three pillars’ approach to the presentation of sustainability (Goldie, Douglas, and Furnass 2005), highlighting the highly interdependent, often contradictory, relationship of the three elements of sustainability: society, environment and economy. Figure one exemplifies this relationship (Maryland 2007). This means the more sustainability researches, reports and new evidences the more new debates. Another example is Danny Chivers. He is a climate change researcher, activist, carbon footprint analyst and performance poet. He is an activate advocate request to support the climate change situation urgently. He made many efforts trying to convince the international community the importance of paying more attention to the environment. He is an example of one of the recent debates that affect sustainability education. He is the author of the all-new No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change, published by New Internationalist - a handy pocket guide to the latest climate change science, targets, solutions, politics, activism, and the way forward Chivers, D. (2011). These were some examples how the sustainability education affects the recent debates onShow MoreRelatedWhat is sustainability? Essay1470 Words   |  6 PagesIs economic social and environmental sustainability achievable in today’s world? Introduction The aim of this paper is to try and give an understanding of â€Å"sustainability† to the reader and look into the various ideas surrounding the 3 pillars of a sustainable world. I am going to take you through the 3 topics in question separately before looking into whether or not sustainability is now even possible given the destruction we have already caused to the planet. I will also look into the millenniumRead MoreThe Corporate Greening And Corporate Sustainability1571 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstand the role of leadership in the corporate greening and corporate sustainability. Essay also elaborates the how the leader can help the environment from the current corporate issues like climate change, global warming etc. Also the leaders play an important role in the corporate governance. Although we need to understand what is corporate greening and corporate sustainability. The issue of the greening and the sustainability is the significant and most complicated. Over the past few decadesRead MoreThe Church And Its Impact On The Environment1509 Words   |  7 Pagesconcern of the environment, in compliance with Church teaching. The environment is quickly becoming one of the greatest topics of debate in modern times as the impacts of climate change and deforestation become more and more apparent to the world, and is arguably man’s next greatest ethical concern. Regardless of one’s stance on ecological issues it is hard to argue that a change in our behaviour isn’t needed to prevent future devastation. The Catholic Church has always to some degree supported environmentalismRead MoreEnvironmental Awareness And The Environment1191 Words   |  5 Pagesenvironmental threats are important to obtaining information that is credible and factual. For more people to become aware of environmental issues and take actions accordingly, education is vital for increasing knowledge of how the natural environment functions and how people can compromise for sustainability. The education system can play a big role in the health of the environment by imparting knowledge on how to protect and preserve the environment to people in diverse communities. The first stepsRead MoreFarming In The Central Valley Of California1455 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Central Valley of California is the entire rest of the Thanksgiving meal on the table for the country. With its fertile soil, Mediterranean climate, and expansive flat land, the Central Valley produces more than 250 different crops that produce more than $20 billion annually, meaning it provides over half the produce grown in the United States. Recent droughts, recession, and growing urbanization in California have changed the conversation around farming practices and the large role family farmsRead MoreCritical Analysis Of Sustainability Principles2059 Words   |  9 PagesEssay - Critical Analysis of Sustainability Principles submitted by: Tanvi Rawat Student ID: S3523444 Q.2 what is the relationship between sustainability and anthropogenic climate change, and how can an understanding of these linkages be used to guide policy from the global to the local scale? Ans. Sustainability is promoting social, economic growth with preserving the environment, whereas the Anthropogenic Climate change is influencing natural and human living conditionsRead MoreThe Function Of Education Is The Goal Of True Education1423 Words   |  6 Pages Martin Luther King, Jr. said, â€Å"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.† Education is teaching the whole person; not just the intellectual side, but also the social and emotional side. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which students gain the skills necessary to recognize and manage all their emotions, build relationships, solve interpersonal problems, and makeRead MoreThe Effect Of Coffee Rust Essay1314 Words   |  6 PagesAlso, recent low prices have restrained investment, which in turn leads to poor management practices and strategies. In some cases, old trees hav e yet to be replaced, and pruning and care regimens are neglected or performed poorly due to lack of labor (Magrath 2014). The lack of investment is important for both finance and education. Smaller farmers often do not have enough money to gain access to resources that could help in instructing them how to use the land and regenerate their crops (WakefieldRead MoreThe University Of British Columbia Essay1859 Words   |  8 Pagesto develop into ideas that can change the world. UBC’s two main campuses are situated in Vancouver and in Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley. Also in Vancouver, UBC Robson Square is a vibrant learning centre in the heart of downtown, the UBC Learning Exchange is a community engagement initiative based in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and UBC’s Centre for Digital Media at the Great Northern Way Campus is located in Mount Pleasant. UBC also provides clinical education to Faculty of Medicine studentsRead MoreThe Global Climate Change Debate Essay2025 Words   |  9 PagesGlobal Climate Change Debate – How do I know what to believe? Introduction: Climate change has been a topic of debate for decades. Scientists support climate change is happening with hard scientific evidence whereas the people who oppose climate change have evidence which is mainly opinion-based. This report will cover what climate change is, why climate change is happening, the science that supports climate change, the different views and opinions on climate change, the effects of climate change around

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Sample Project Quality Plan free essay sample

Checkpoints that are added to the Sample Project Plan to perform reviews in order to ensure the quality of the management processes. All Quality Records from these reviews will be filed on the Sample Project Team Room. Quality Roles and Responsibilities Roles and related Sample Quality responsibilities of all key stakeholders Project Deliverables All types of Sample Project Deliverables along with defect detection techniques to be applied. All Quality Records from these reviews will be filed on the Sample Project Team Room. Names of the owners, reviewers and approvers of each deliverable are identified in the Sample Deliverables Register. Deliverables will not be considered as complete until all rework from the review has been incorporated in a final version of the Deliverable. This Quality Plan is for Solutioning activity only and will be reissued for Micro Design Build deliverables by 11th July 2003. 2. Quality Objectives The Quality Objectives of the Sample Project are: To ensure that the Sample project strives to meet the ABC Corporation objective of ‘being World Class in everything we do’. To satisfy the quality needs of the Project Sponsor and key Executive Stakeholders To have no critical or high severity incidents as a result of Sample implementations To have minimal low severity incidents as a result of Sample implementations To achieve a smooth CCC Programme organization transition to supporting the new infrastructure To exceed the Customer quality expectations and as a result to improve customer satisfaction To deliver the Project which meets agreed Customer and ABC requirements To deliver the Project in line with agreed cost plans To deliver the Project in line with schedule commitments To minimize any rework to approved deliverables To identify defects as early as possible in the Project lifecycle To have no deviations from any CCC Programme standards and processes To have no deviations from any New Platform Programme standards and processes The objectives of this Sample Quality Plan are: To define all Sample Project Quality Processes and Reviews To ensure that all Sample Project deliverables adhere to quality processes To define all Sample Quality Records To ensure that the Sample Project Team are aware of when and how quality activity is to be performed for each deliverable To ensure that all CCC Programme processes are adhered to by the Sample Project To ensure that Sample Quality responsibilities are understood by each key Sample Project Stakeholder The detailed tasks and their schedule to achieve these objectives appear within the Sample Project Plan. 3. Quality assurance checkpoints Checkpoint Defect Prevention Technique Participants (owner is underlined) Quality Record Produced End of Project Startup Review that all startup activities completed ano Meeting minutes and formal record of baseline levels CCB Reviews of project plans (end of each phase) Review by Change Control Board of project effort spent and estimates to complete CCB members ano CCB minutes Immediately prior to release of an external deliverable External Deliverable Acceptance Review Programme Office C Whyte Deliverable Owner Deliverables Acceptance Record BLR Reviews of design material (Solution Outline Macro Design) Solution Review (technical review) ano C Whyte Other SE architects as required to conduct review Project Team members as required BLR minutes External reviews of Solution Outline and Macro Design documentation Review by external party C Whyte ano external reviewers Project Team members as required Meeting minutes Findings of Reviews with completed action plans Phase 1 Exit Review (end of Solution Outline and Macro Design) Phase Exit Review (management process review) ano C Whyte ano Other Project Team members as required Meeting minutes Deliverable completion status Completed Phase Exit checklist Actions carried forward to next Phase PDD Review prior to release to customer Proposal QA Review ano C Whyte ano Other Project Team members as required Meeting minutes QA Report 4. Quality Roles and responsibilities Name Role Responsibility and authority Director of CCC Delivery Sets Overall Programme quality objectives, agrees New Platform quality costs, manages escalated quality issues Programme xxxxx Sets New Platform quality objectives, agrees Sample Project quality costs, manages escalated quality issues Service Delivery Sets Service Delivery quality objectives, agrees Service Delivery quality costs, manages escalated quality issues System Service Delivery Sets Solution Integration quality objectives, agrees Solution Integration quality costs, manages escalated quality issues Quality Assurance Sets Programme Quality standards and objectives Reviews Sample External Deliverables to ensure conformance to Quality Standards and Processes Provides advice guidance on GS Quality Practices Programme Office Sets New Platform Programme Plan standards, provides advice guidance on ABC and CCC quality standards and objectives Service Management Sets Sample Service Management quality objectives and agrees all Sample Service Change Plans IT Operations Manager Quality of skill level of SD resource assigned to Sample Project Sets SD standards and quality objectives Handles all Sample SD resource management issues Command Centre Tech Leads Quality of skill level of Command Centre Tech Leads resource assigned to Sample Project Sets Sample Command Centre Tech Leads standards and quality objectives Handles all Sample Command Centre Tech Leads resource management issues Software Support Quality of skill level of SST resource assigned to Sample Project Sets SST standards and quality objectives Handles all Sample SST resource management issues Infrastructure Support Quality of skill level of Infrastructure resource assigned to Sample Project Sets Infrastructure standards and quality objectives Handles all Sample Infrastructure resource management issues Software Engineering (Architects) Quality of skill level of SE resource assigned to Sample Project Sets SE standards and quality objectives Handles all Sample SE resource management issues Test Manager Quality of skill level of Test resource assigned to Sample Project Sets Test standards and quality objectives Handles all Sample Test resource management issues Chief Architect Quality of Roadmap and resolution of technical issues with other CCC Programme activities. Overall Design Authority for Roadmap scope and approval for changes to scope Quality of SE BLR Reviews Chief Sample Architect Lead AIX Architect Quality of skill level of SE AIX resource assigned to Sample Project Quality of Overall Sample Design and resolution of technical interlocks with other Programme activities. Overall Design Authority for Sample scope and approval for all design deliverables and changes to Sample scope. Lead Application Integration Architect Quality of skill level of SE Application Integration resource assigned to Sample Project Quality of Sample Application Integration Designs. Lead Infrastructure Operations Architect Quality of skill level of SE Infrastructure Operations resource assigned to Sample Project Quality of Sample Infrastructure Operations Designs. Performance Architect Quality of Sample Performance Designs. Sample Test Plans Strategy Quality of Sample Test Strategy Plans Sample AIX Build Quality of Sample Project AIX Build activity DB2 Design Quality of Sample DB2 design activity. Tivoli Design Quality of Sample Tivoli design activity SD IT Ops Development and Quality Manager Sets SD development standards and quality objectives Handles all Sample SD development method and quality processes issues Storage Services Quality of agreed Storage Services activity in Sample Project Plan 5. Project Deliverables All external deliverables will only be released to CCC via the Programme Office and will follow standard CCC Programme processes. Deliverable Type Timing of Quality Activity Defect Detection Technique Participants Quality Record Relevant Standards Project Definition Report Before obtaining plan approvals Reviews Internal Stakeholders e-mail Feedback PM standards Project Definition Document (External) Before releasing to CCC Reviews ano CCC Programme Office e-mail feedback CCC Programme Before obtaining plan approvals Workshop CCC Stakeholders Minutes of meeting Solution Outlines (external) Before releasing to CCC Walkthrough Internal Stakeholders Deliverable Owner Log of items raised XX Method SE standards Before obtaining solution approvals Workshop CCC Stakeholders Minutes of meeting Cutover Design Before obtaining design approvals Walkthrough Internal Stakeholders Log of items raised XX Method CCC Programme Order Configuration Data Before submission of order Reviews Tech Line ano e-mail feedback ABC Procurement Macro and Solution Designs Before obtaining design approvals Walkthrough Internal Stakeholders Log of items raised XX Method SE standards Operational Designs (Command Centre, Support Model, Tivoli, Security) ABCDEL 0806 Before releasing to CCC Walkthrough Internal Stakeholders ABCDEL 0806 Owner Log of items raised CCC Programme Before obtaining HLD approvals Reviews CCC Stakeholders e-mail feedback Overall Test Strategy (external) Before releasing to CCC Walkthrough Internal Stakeholders Log of items raised GS Method CCC Test Standards Before obtaining strategy approvals Reviews CCC Stakeholders e-mail feedback DB2 Designs Before obtaining design approvals Walkthrough Reviews Internal Stakeholders SSS DBA review DBA review Log of items raised GS Method CCC DB2 Standards SSS Standards Shark configuration documents Before configuring ESS Reviews ABC Log of items raised Storage Services Standards Pre-development Build Guides and Minimal Image documentation Before using Build Guides in Phase 2 Walkthrough Reviews Internal Stakeholders SSO Midrange review Log of items raised GS Method CCC Development Standards SSO Standards Phase 1 Exit Checklist Prior to Phase 1 Exit Review Reviews Internal Stakeholders e-mail Feedback PM standards ABC Programme

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Does Haig deserve the title The Butcher of the Somme Essay Example

Does Haig deserve the title The Butcher of the Somme Paper In this essay, I will try to figure out what historians all over the world have been talking about for years: Does Sir Douglas William Haig deserve the title The Butcher of the Somme? I will start by correctly defining the term, butcher, before analysing the case for and against this statement. I will finally conclude my essay by weighing up the two cases and comparing the definitions of butcher to his actions. To say that Haig was the hero of the victory at the Somme, although the opinion of the people of the time, must now be looked back on with great scepticism. You cannot deny that Haig made the correct tactical decision to make an offensive at the Somme, in order to take the pressure of Verdun, and it is true to say that he achieved his target objective in doing so. However, it is inexcusable, whatever the gain, to throw away life so carelessly as Haig did. It is also to be noted, that Haigs attitude after the Somme, was that it was a worthy sacrifice, and an honourable way for a man to die. In other words, he didnt care about the loses, as long as he got the praise at the end of it all. We will write a custom essay sample on Does Haig deserve the title The Butcher of the Somme specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Does Haig deserve the title The Butcher of the Somme specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Does Haig deserve the title The Butcher of the Somme specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer It is obvious that to tell the men to walk across no-mans land must be looked at as the ultimate cause for the slaughter of the Somme. It was Haig who gave the order to walk and formulated the strategy for the offensive. His plan was flawed. Firstly he didnt consider all possibilities, the only outcome that he had planned and accommodated for was that everything went according to plan. This was clearly not the case as he didnt consider that the Explosions under the German line were all going to be synchronized, or that the Germans might survive in their dugouts. Also, and even more disastrous, he didnt have a plan B. What this means is, suggesting that not everything goes well, and say the Germans did survive in their dugouts, he didnt have any alternative plan to revert to, he just kept on with the same disastrous strategy, and judging by the fact that he continued with the same plan for 2 months, it seems unlikely that he had a plan B for any outcome, which means that he was relyin g on everything going according to plan a very bad tactical decision. Haig could have easily changed his plans when he realized they werent having any affect and he was throwing lives away, for example (and this is my plan): Began the bombardment again and this time ran across, the barbed wire was a problem but the Irish got through the first time when they ran, so it was definitely possible. And also, the whole objective of the Somme was to take the pressure off Verdun, so once the Germans had dragged half their army up to deal with the Somme, the British had no need to attack them, they could just sit and wait, the Germans werent going anywhere because they knew that they would be vulnerable and could be attacked at any time with all the British soldiers just waiting, the last thing the Germans were going to do was just leave and go back to Verdun, and if they did, (which would be crazy) then the offensive could begin, and attack the weakened lines. However, these plans were obviously made when looking back on the battle, Haig wouldnt have had the lu xury of hindsight. Although, he is to blame for not changing his tactics when the 1st day had been such a failure. When something you try clearly doesnt work, why keep doing it at the cost of lives? After all, the only reason that Haig gave the order to walk was because he was under the false impression that all the Germans had been killed in the bombardment and the men would be walking straight through the trenches to Berlin. It is for this reason that the men were carrying 30 pounds of pack on their shoulders, and were told that they were walking towards empty trenches. However, when this clearly wasnt the case, and it was obvious that they were not walking towards empty trenches, why carry on walking if the only reason for doing so is now void? Haigs mentality is also to be questioned, as his attitude towards human life is simply shocking. His attacking initiative ideas where men are simply thrown over the top on little raiding parties of 10 or 15 people, were madness. Every group died and was just another target for the Germans to shoot down. They had absolutely no hope of succeeding and he knew it. He was just throwing away lives when he knew all who went over the top would die. This may or may not have created an attacking spirit, but what good is an attacking spirit when the men are sent over the top to die? I cant see how the deaths of their friends could possibly create an attacking spirit, the only thing it would create was the impression that there General was a complete maniac. There is no use in raising the morale of troops who are going to die anyway, and surely victories would create a better morale boost for the men than constant casualties. Imagine this: You are a middle aged lady in England and you are proud to say to all your friends that your husband has gone to fight for his country. You are then informed that he has been killed in action. After the war, you find out that he was killed in a raiding party, all to raise the morale slightly of men on the front line. You think to yourselfoh, wont they be happy! Im sure his life was a worthy sacrifice and the other men had high spirits for the next week, to know that another 15 people had been sent over the top and died. Haig said, the day before the offensive: The men are in splendid spirits. Several have said that they have never before seen so instructed and informed of the nature of the operation before them. The barbed wire has never been so well cut, nor the artillery preparation so thorough. All the commanders are full of confidence. This statement in itself tells the story. Haig was either miss-informed or delusional, and despite the fact that the wire was clearly not cut, he sent the men out anyway.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Guide to Bursitis

A Guide to Bursitis Bursitis is defined as the irritation or inflammation of a bursa (fluid filled sacs attached to joints). It most commonly occurs in adults over 40 years of age and results in discomfort or loss of motion in the affected joint.   What Is a Bursa? A bursa is a fluid-filled sac located around joints in the body that reduce friction and ease movement as tendons or muscles pass over bones or skin. They are located around joints and reduce friction and ease movement as tendons or muscles pass over bones or skin. Bursas are found next to all joints in the body.   What Are the Symptoms of Bursitis? The main symptom of bursitis is experiencing pain in the joints in the body - usually occurring in the shoulder, knee, elbow, hip, heel, and thumb. This pain may start subtle and build to extremely intense, especially in the presence of calcium deposits in the bursa. Tenderness, swelling, and warmth often accompany or precede this pain. Reduction in or loss of motion at the affected joint can also be symptomatic of more severe bursitis, such as the case of frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis wherein the pain from bursitis makes the patient incapable of moving the shoulder What Causes Bursitis? Bursitis can be caused by acute or repetitive traumatic impact to the bursa, repetitive stress through overuse of the joint, and post operation or injury infections.   Age is one of the primary factors that cause bursitis. Due to prolonged stress on joints, especially those requiring daily use, tendons toughen and become less tolerant of stress, less elastic, and easier to tear resulting in an increased likelihood the bursa could become irritated or inflamed.  At-risk patients should use caution when engaging in activities that cause extensive stress to joints, such as gardening and many physically stressful sports, as they have also been known to carry a high-risk for causing the irritation.  Other medical conditions that cause additional joint stress (such as tendonitis and arthritis) may also increase a persons risk.   How Do I Prevent Bursitis? Being aware of the strain daily activities have on your joints, tendons and bursas can greatly reduce the likelihood of getting bursitis. For patients beginning a new exercise routine, stretching properly and gradually building up stress and repetition will help mitigate the possibility of a repetitive stress injury. However, since age is one of the primary causes of the ailment, bursitis is not entirely preventable.   How Do I Know If I Have Bursitis? Bursitis is difficult to diagnose as it shares many symptoms with tendonitis and arthritis. As a result, identification of symptoms and knowledge of causes can lead to a proper diagnosis of bursitis. Follow  these tips if you have been diagnosed with a repetitive stress injury and use a visual pain scale to track and identify your pain to help determine if you have bursitis. If symptoms do not alleviate after a couple of weeks of self-care, the pain becomes too severe, swelling or redness occurs or a fever develops, you should schedule a consult with your physician.